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Welcome to The Virtual Academy (TVA)

We’re Here to Help You Beat Exam Stress 
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We're Here to Help You Beat Exam Stress

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We’re Here to Help You Beat Exam Stress!

The Virtual Academy (TVA) is the top destination for one-on-one online tutoring. TVA aims to transform the method of learning for students and help them beat their exam stress. It offers online schooling experiences to each student customized to their individual learning styles and time. 

At TVA, we pride ourselves on being the model of excellence in online tutoring. Our team comprises the best tutors around the globe. Each of whom is committed to fostering the academic growth of students and unclosing their full potential.

We’re Here to Help You Beat Exam Stress!

Our expert tutors are passionate about education and possess a wealth of knowledge in various subjects. They are here to make learning a breeze, whether you need help with:


Physics Chemistry

Geography subject

A levels schooling

Cambridge course subjects


Also, our tutors can help you to master past papers and exam preparation covering your entire Syllabus. They can also provide an extra class if you need additional assistance.

The Impact of Online Tutoring : The Virtual Academy

Education has changed its traditional methods and has come out of the limits of traditional classrooms. Today, learning has become more accessible and convenient than ever before thanks to modern world technology. The rise of online tutoring is one of the most prominent progress in the educational field.

Opening Doors to Knowledge

TVA is at the forefront of educational revolution opening doors to knowledge and opportunities for students worldwide. Here, we consider that education must be interesting, hands-on, and customized to satisfy the diverse needs of learners.

Laugh and Learn Your Way to the Top

At TVA, we admit that learning is not only about gaining information but also about finding pleasure in the experience. That is the reason we aim to create an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience for our students. They can laugh and learn their way to the top of academic goals with our engaging learning platform and expert tutors' help.

Interactive Tutoring Platform

TVA considers in making learning enjoyable and interesting and, thus, provides interactive tutoring methods. Our Interteractor tutoring methods allow the students to actively participate rather than merely sitting and listening. students can: thrive, ask questions freely, receive quick feedback on their progress

Here, we keep our students engaged by using state-of-the-art tools and resources to improve the learning experience. From interactive whiteboards to multimedia presentations, we ensure that learning is not only effective but also enjoyable. 

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring comes with multiple benefits specifically designed to address the individual requirements of each student and parent:

Dedicated Academic Counselor

Each student is assigned a dedicated academic counselor. They assist and encourage them individually throughout their learning journey.

Monthly Report Cards

Parents are given monthly progress reports for their children, promoting transparency and accountability is priority.

Customized Sessions

We recognize that each student has unique learning requirements. Therefore, our tutors create personalized sessions that specific.

Weekly Online Assessments

Frequent assessments and evaluations are important for monitoring students' advancement and pinpointing need improvement.

Free Parenting Counseling

Aside from academic assistance, we will provide complimentary counseling sessions for parents to help nurture their child's complete growth.

Natural Learning Style

Our instructors utilize a natural approach to teaching, creating an interactive and productive learning experience.

Subjects We are Experts at!

We offer expert tutoring services in the form of diverse subjects, including:

Courses We Offer!

We offer comprehensive tutoring courses for various educational levels and boards, including:

Why Choose TVA International?

TVA International is a globally trusted platform for its distinctive online tutoring and online schooling services. We go above and beyond to deliver professional and expert services. 

Our online schooling has a history of achievement and happy students across the globe. And it has been serving as a symbol of high-quality education that is available to everyone, regardless of geographical location.

Ace Educators

We have qualified and proficient tutors who help you put your academic success first!

Feature Rich Tools

Our user-friendly tools, access to past papers for practice, & intuitive whiteboard with media sharing, support students to succeed.

Experienced Tutors

Our team is not only experts in their respective fields but also dedicated to helping students excel academically.

Personalized Approach

We customize our session with 1 on 1 learning approach to fulfill the requirements of each student individually.

Diverse Subjects

Students can get help with multiple subjects from Science and Business to IGCSE certification & exam preparation for A2 level schooling.

Flexible Schedules

We keep our schedules flexible making it seemless for the students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Still have questions? Let’s get in touch!

Have queries or need further assistance? Feel free to reach out to us, and our team will be delighted to assist you.

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How It Works: Learning Made Easy!

Getting enrolled with us at TVA is simple and hassle-free:

1. Pick Your Subject

Choose a subject you need to learn with our experts.

2. Set A Free Demo Class

Before you start, you can experience our tutoring with a free demo class.

3. Decide & Sign Up

Once satisfied, sign up for our tutoring services and begin your education journey with us.

Quality Control

All tutors go through an admission procedure and training.le time.

Replacement Tutor

We always find a suitable replacement in the shortest possible time.

Payment and Refund

All common payment methods are available and refund available within 14 days of payment.


All data and personal information is 100% secure with us.